At Smart Property Automation we provide a variety of services, from full home automation to a dedicated media room. An automated home can not only save energy but it can also improve your lifestyle, making everyday tasks quicker and easier while bringing all the essential elements of heating, lighting, ventilation, multi-room audio, cinema and security together as one.

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Using reliable and robust systems such as RTI and KNX, you will be able to control your home from anywhere in the world and can even simulate someone being in the house while you are away – the ultimate peace of mind for home security, perfect for busy professionals who travel a lot with work.

There are so many benefits to smart home automation. Your property can be programmed to know what time you arrive back at the end of the day and will set the temperature to a comfortable level 15 minutes prior to your arrival. When you come home, sensors will detect you pulling in and the drive lights will turn on. Enter the house and your evening lighting scene will be activated and your favourite music will begin to play. No more coming back to a cold, dark, quiet house – everything is ready and waiting for you.

Another innovative feature is a ‘goodnight’ button on the bedside, which will switch off all systems andthe lighting downstairs. Even the climate control will lower to night mode and any TVs in children’s bedrooms will automatically turn off.

The next morning a new day begins and 30 minutes before your preferred wake-up time, the lights will incrementally dim up while window blinds open and your favourite morning radio show or TV news channel starts the new day.

Simple, sophisticated, smart – we can create the ultimate automated home for all your needs.